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Ali Moore

псевдонимы: Natalie Moore, Kristi Bryant, Gerri Orlando, Christie Bryant

страна: Canada

Родился: 1967-02-03

глаз: Brown

волосы: Brown

буфера: Natural

Взгляды: 1.5K

Ali Moore entered the adult-film business in 1984, and her petite, schoolgirl looks soon had her specializing in roles as very young girls experiencing their sexual awakening--not far from the truth, as it turned out she had presented phony identification and was in fact only 17 when she first began making porn.
When she entered the adult business as a minor, she told everyone her real name was Dawn Levine with the hope they would not discover her real name (Erin Marie Scott) and her real date of birth (3 February, 1967).

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