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Carmella Bing

Aliasuri: Carmela Bing, Carmela Richards, Mrs Bing, Sarah Faas

Tara: United States

Anul nasterii: 1981-10-21

Ochi: Brown

Par: Brown

Intaltime: 178 cm

Greutate: 60 kg

Tate: Fake

Vizualizari: 984

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In 2008 Carmella retired from performing, prompting rumors that she was one of the porn stars that had infected during a recent HIV scare. In summer 2010 on her MySpace, she posted pictures of her being five months pregnant, immediately quashing the rumors of her being sick while expressing outrage of such accusations and how it has personally affected her. Was arrested in 2012 for drug paraphernalia after three others were arrested for theft of a car while also in possession of nearly 60 stolen credit cards.

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